we've started a new game! Highway skating, the one who breaks the most bones in his/her body wins! 


We're quite bad at updating this, "news" section, but we're gonna get better! 

We just got home from yet another tour across Sweden. We'd like to thank everyone who let us sleep on their floor, use their shower and provide us with food.
Also, thanks to all the folks who came down and watched our shows! 


Since getting dates where all of us is free and not away saving maidens in distress, we've booked dates in November to start recording our new album. 

We're happy to announce that our new CD "The Shape Of Yada To Come" is officially released, and is now on iTunes, Spotify and on our label Rootsy's online store. 

To order the album, please click HERE! or send an email to sixstringyada@gmail.com




Erling, our banjo player, just made a video where he covers the song "Fear and Trembling" by the d-beat band Disfear. It just so happens that it got mentioned on one of the biggest metal bloggs in Northern America! 

Most of the article is about Erling, you can skip that part and start where we're mentioned! 

To check out the post click the picture above or the link below!  



Dear people of Earth! Six String Yada just got interviewed by Sveriges Radio P4 Örebro. Unfortunately only our banjoplayer, Erling, was able to attend, and it's also in swedish. But this shouldn't be a problem!! Get on google translate and enter every word that Erling says! TOTALLY worth the time an effort! 

Our segment starts after 10.30 min into the show. 

Click HERE to listen! 


Lonesome Pine Country Association arranges a festival at the beginning of each year. We would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity to play at their festival! Is was a blast! 

Big ups to Daniel Höglund who joined us on upright bas!

Fun fact;

Did you know that the the cultural revolution started in Värmland and not in Peking!? 

During our latest tour, Öystein Thorsen decided to record a song from one of our live shows. The song is a cover of the swedish heavy metal band Ghost. So for all you metalheads out there THIS should be to your liking. The song will also be on our upcoming album! 

Check out more of his cool vids at http://www.kanalstrasse.com/


We'll soon have t-shirts and patches for sale with our album cover as the image! 

Stay tuned for more info!