Greetings people of earth!  

Labels are a necessity in our daily lives. The market is in constant need of explanations to direct the product to the proper consumer. 

Is this a band that's, A); playing music that was outdated 100 years ago? Or B); music that is just as relevant for the people today as for past generations?

Are we creating something new or are we just hopelessly clinging on to the past in a wasteland of music made by computers and singed of by corporate executives? 

We do play American mountain music - old time, but we also play metal and punk songs. And sometimes we have no idea what we're doing! But one thing amongst all, is certain; We do play music that makes us smile and laugh. And when push comes to shove, that's always something that we can be proud of. 


"10% is what you play, 90% is how you play it."



Agnes Brogeby; fiddle and vocals

The old-time genius of the group. Much like Rainman, Agnes brings up tunes no one's ever heard of, quotes the source, what year it was made AND if the author was "a true old-timer and the coolest person on earth OR not".

Surprise..... the person is always "a true old-timer and the coolest person on earth"


Agnes also plays in the old-time "supergroups", Stockholm Whippoorwills and Rockridge Brothers


Erling Bronsberg; banjo and vocals

"I don't think it's suppose to sound like that! " 

This phrase is on page 1, in the book "Things people say when they hear Erling play the banjo"

Right above "Oh God, make it stop, make it stop. Please, make it stop!" and below "I wonder if Die Hard: With A Vengeance is on tonight...."

Jonas Bleckman; cello and vocals

Erling found Jonas sitting on a bench in Ransäter, "playing the cello" (code for something completely else) and forced him to play along to some old-time songs. 30 songs later, all in the same key and three chords, Jonas has never been quite the same. We offer his family our condolences, they'll probably never see him again. 

He's played with such acts as Erlend Viken Trio, Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Folk All-In Band.



Simon Nyberg; guitar and vocals  

Simon started playing old-time when he lived in Canada. There he mastered the art of wearing denim and also how to properly pronounce "about". 

He brought this tradition back home and though his journey sparked a flame, Simon, unbeknownst to himself, still has no idea what he's doing. (SHHHHHH don't tell him!)

Simon has played with such acts as Jaron Freeman-Fox, Jenny Ritter and Sébastien Dubé.